Canada Inline Partners With State Wars To Offer Provincial Program Nationwide

Canada Inline is excited to partner with one of the premier roller hockey events in the world, State Wars. A unique annual event that features teams represented from every state as well as a number of international countries including France, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Namibia, Colombia, and United Kingdom.

An exciting event with a stellar reputation of top notch facilities and an exciting atmosphere, the partnership immediately provides the opportunity to build provincial programs across the country. Players can represent their province proudly at a massive and competitive event against others representing their province or state. 

“This represents an exciting day for roller hockey in Canada as it marks a critical milestone in the development of our sport. Providing provincial programs that build upon the grassroots local leagues and that lead into our national program is an important step that offers more players the opportunity to develop and grow within the sport while having the opportunity for the special experiences our sport has to offer”.

Ben Frank - Canada Inline President 

“State Wars Hockey is extremely excited about this new partnership with Canada Inline as it is another step in unifying the sport. The provincial program at State Wars has been a terrific branch of our event, as the Canadian players and families take so much pride in where they come from which fits in perfectly with our mantra. I look forward to working closely with Canada Inline in growing the sport both at the provincial and national level in Canada and allowing more players from up north to experience the FORCE in roller hockey...State Wars.”

Tim McManus - State Wars Founder

Provincial teams from Ontario and Alberta have already been in place for several years and will continue to build on that success with Canada Inline, the national governing body behind them. This new partnership will not only allow for additional provinces to be represented, but also allow for players across Canada to attend one tryout in their province and have the opportunity to be evaluated and selected for both the national and provincial programs. 

Tryouts for both the national and provincial programs will begin at the end of April and early registration is open now.  Meka Trepanier, Director of Hockey Operations for Canada Inline, will be working closely with State Wars to coordinate formats and policies to ensure that all teams are selected through a fair and competent tryout process.

“It’s critical that the tryout process in Canada is clean, open, and ethical to ensure that every kid has an equal opportunity to represent their province and country. “
Meka Trepanier - Director of Hockey Operations, Canada Inline

Visit for  tryout dates,  information  and to  register  for tryouts in your province.

To learn more about State Wars,  click here.