Pure Maple Rolls Back To California in January For Narch Winternationals

Canada Inline is starting off the new year right and it will include a trip to sunny California for some roller hockey. Canada Inline will be sending  teams head to Huntington Beach, CA in January 17th-20th to compete in Narch Winternationals. These teams are an open invite and we're happy to include anyone who wants to come and play. No tryouts are required.

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, then here are the steps to follow; 

  1.  Read through the information under the PURE MAPLE tabIt will give you the dates, travel info, cost and other information. Everything is outlined with only a few clicks and short read.
  2. Sign up for a spot on a team. Under the Pure Maple tab, click on the page titled Register For Pure Maple Winternationals and fill in the fields.
  3.  Secure your spot on a roster by going online to pay your team fee. Under the Pure Maple tab, click on Pure Maple Player payments and once you complete that page, you have secured your spot. 

**Important **

Do not book any flights until you are instructed to do so by Canada Inline. This is an open invite event and while we plan to have teams in all age groups, we are not able to guarantee them until we get the responses from the players. (Should a team not materialize for your age group, your player fee will be fully refunded) 

We sent multiple teams to this event last year and everyone involved had a great time in California. We saw players from all across the country make the trip and it was a great way to start the roller hockey season.

If you have any further questions, please email meka@canadainline.com